*Price Increase Notices*

Most of the time we are able to control things in life, however there are some things that are out of our control. Weather, taxes, and price increases are some of those things we can’t control. Because of this, we are forced to roll with  We have been informed of our prices going up for materials in the coming months. Please see the links below to see what companies are raising our costs and by how much. Accordingly, we will also have to raise our prices to our customers. 

USG Price Increase 10-1-21

National Gypsum Increase 10-4-21

Fry Reglet Increase 10-15-21

Clark Dietrich Increase 10-1-21

Strait-Flex Increase 11.1.2021

7.12.21 PABCO Gypsum Price Increase

Clark Dietrich Price Increase 8-1-21

Strait-Flex Price Increase 7-1-2021

CertainTeed Price Increase June2021 

NGC Price Increase June 2021 

USG Price 6.1.2021

Trim-Tex Price Increase 5.24.2021

National Gypsum Price Increase 4-1-2021

USG Increase- 3-29-2021

Compound Shortage Notice 3-17-2021

ClarkDietrich Price Increase Announcement-5-3-21

MarinoWare Price Increase 3-1-2021

MBA – Price Increase 6.1.21

CertainTeed Price Increase 4-1-2021