Our Company Beginnings

Mac-Lad Corp. began as a two-man building material supply delivery company in 1986. Ray MacAlpine started the company with a friend. Ray soon took on every role as driver, helper, accounts receivable, accounts payable, dispatch, and yard guy. After a difference in vision about the future of Mac-Lad, Ray bought out his original partner and became the sole owner. As time went on, he Mac-Lad team grew and business got better. We now have a core group of employees in our New York and Connecticut location to help you with your drywall needs. We can deliver all the way to Vermont and New Jersey from the Connecticut location while our New York branch services Manhattan to Montauk (and beyond) every day.

Our Mission Statement

Ray MacAlpine is a veteran of the drywall industry and realized that he could do the jobs better than the competition. He founded Mac-Lad Corp. with the idea that the potential of any business lies within the people, which a lot of building material suppliers on Long Island had forgotten. He has been running the company by this motto since day one and it is the main standard that all of our employees are held to. While most of the other suppliers on Long Island simply drop the material, we make sure to complete an order how the customer asks. Sometimes this means spending more time on the job, but our drivers understand this and are held to a higher standard. We expect the best from them and they deliver (pun intended)!